Universiti Brunei Darussalam offers an extensive range of lifelong learning opportunities through modules and programmes following a flexible study and learning approach. The courses follow a blended learning approach providing you with video lectures, topic notes, online discussions and assessments. Our lifelong learning modules are available individually, or as a programme, providing you with a specialisation pathway to graduate with a diploma or degree.

      • Online video lectures and offline sessionsStudents have access to digital resources allowing you to study at your own pace, anytime and anywhere

      • Flexible study pace
        Study at your own pace and in your free time with offline classes held in the evenings or weekends

      • Learn from Industry and Academic experts
        Learn from industry and academic experts alongside classmates of diverse professional backgrounds

      • Pathway towards higher education
        Our specialisation modules enable you to follow a pathway towards a diploma or degree qualification

These modules can also be taken as short courses which are available individually and credits obtained can be used towards achieving a diploma or degree qualification.


Contact: office.c3l@ubd.edu.bn
Website: http://www.ubd.edu.bn/c3l


Modules offered in Jan 2018

Bachelor of Digital Economy

Political Economy of the Media

Tourism: Concepts and Models


Interpersonal and Public Communication for the Workplace

Programming Fundamentals 1

Principles of Islamic Jurisprudence

Introduction to Renewable Energy

Principles of Business and Management

Consumer Behaviour

Introduction to Islamic Banking and Finance

Electronic Business

Marketing Management

Entrepreneurship and New Venture

Master of Government

Civil Service, Law & Government

Islamic Epistemology & Research Methods

Action Learning for Professional Development

Islamic Governance & Leadership

Islam and Society

Contact: muhamad.abduh@ubd.edu.bn
Website: http://sbe.ubd.edu.bn/


Modules offered in August 2018

Master of Economics

BE-5305 Research Methodology
BE-5313 Game Theory

Master of Islamic Finance

BI-5101 Islamic Jurisprudence
BI-5102 Islamic Economics

Master of Management

BM-5304 Corporate Entrepreneurship
BM-5104 Research Methodology

Contact: anni.mohamad@ubd.edu.bn
Website: http://ihs.ubd.edu.bn/masters/


Modules offered in August 2018

Master of Public Health

HH -5101 Statistical Methods in Public Health

HH -5102 Principles of Epidemiology

Website: http://shbie.ubd.edu.bn/


Modules offered in August 2018

Master of Education by Coursework
Contact: huichuan.li@ubd.edu.bn

  • EE-5305-T Technological Pedagogical Content Knowledge and Blended Learning
  • EO -5304-B Kreativiti dan Inovasi Dalam Pendidikan Bahasa
  • EO-5307-B Penaksiran Dalam Pendidikan Bahasa

Master of Teaching
Contact: roslinawati.roslan@ubd.edu.bn

  • ET-5302 Technological Pedagogical Content Knowledge
  • ET-5204-H Innovation and Change in Higher Education
  • ET-5212-E Maths and Science in the Early Years

Master of Counselling
Contact: norzaiham.abdullah@ubd.edu.bn

Introduction to Educational Research

Contact: office.lc@ubd.edu.bn
Website: http://lc.ubd.edu.bn

Modules offered in August 2018 - Please refer to the above website.